Who is Houston McTear, and why should we care?





The Movie   |   "A one-in-a- billion athlete."

The True Story of Houston McTear

He was the fastest man in the world… but he couldn’t outrun life.

“9 Seconds” is the true story of Houston McTear, a one-in-a- billion athlete who rose from crushing poverty to worldwide fame… then descended into homelessness and drug addiction before rising again to find redemption.

Houston grew up in rural Florida, in a dilapidated shack across the train tracks from a sawmill. He spent his youth dodging raindrops from his leaky ceiling and racing the freight trains that charged past his home. It was there that Houston developed his gift: to run faster than any human who has ever lived.

In 1975, as a high school junior, he stunned the sports world when he tied the world record in the 100 yard dash with a time of 9 seconds flat. His rise to stardom was similarly fast – magazine covers, jet- setting around the world, hanging out with Muhammad Ali – all under the watchful eye of the charismatic promoter Harold Smith.

Then it all fell apart. Harold Smith was arrested for a massive bank embezzlement scheme; it turns out he was one of the most notorious con men of the 20th century. Houston was left with no friends, no money, and nowhere to run. He turned to drugs, and within two years, he was homeless on the beach in Santa Monica.

After nearly a decade of sleeping on the sand, he reconnected with an old track friend, Swedish star Linda Haglund . With her help, Houston cleaned up and began an amazing comeback.

It culminated in 1991, when, at age 34, he stunned the sports world for a second time by defeating track’s premier sprinters at the European World Championships.


Who is Houston McTear?   |   "Tearing His Way Up From Nowhere"

•  Houston McTear was the World's Fastest Human. He is widely considered the fastest sprinter to ever live.

•  He came from the most meager circumstances imaginable: a shack at the end of a dirt road, in the rural backwoods of Florida, where his entire family, including 8 siblings, slept in the same room under a leaking roof, and a bowl of dry cereal was considered a meal.

•  As an untrained high school junior, McTear tied the world record in the 100-yard dash (9.0 seconds).

•  He was on the verge of global stardom-twice- but lost everything due to bad luck,bad choices, and a disastrous relationship with a world-class con man.

•  McTear lived homeless on Santa Monica Beach for the better part of the eighties. With the help of a female Swedish sprinting champion, 31-year-old McTear rehabilitated himself and embarked upon a comeback even more surprising than his initial success fourteen years earlier.

What Did He Do?   |   "Fantastic McTear Remains Unbeaten."

• Ran a 9.8 in the 100-yard dash at age 15, wearing cutoff jeans and sneakers.

• Set a national high school sophomore record in the 100 (9.4).

• Set world records in both the 60-yard and 60-meter dashes.

• Was featured in Life and People magazines and appeared twice in Sports Illustrated, including the cover in May 1978.

• Qualified for the 1976 and 1980 Olympics.

• Overcame drug addiction and a nine-year year layoff to win the European Championships at age 34.

Why Should We Care?   |   "Greatest Sports Story Never Told"

• Because Houston McTear is the embodiment of human courage, and the details listed on this site represent only a fraction of his amazing story.

• Because no athlete in American history has ever been as exalted, then as humbled, then as exalted again, as Houston McTear.

• Because no other athlete has emerged from the horrors of hunger, poverty, and lack of shelter to become a world-class athlete... twice in one life.

• Because no athlete has ever outrun both a speeding freight train and a thoroughbred horse before age nineteen.

• Because the mention of his name in track circles never fails to bring about raised eyebrows ["Who told you about him?"], a smile, and a new story about his legendary talent.

• Because the real story of Houston McTear is even more amazing than the myths that surround him... and his whole story will soon be told.


  • Runs 9.8 in tennis shoes and cut off jeans. (8th grade)



  • Runs 9.4, sets nat'l sophomore record (10th grade)



  • Football, rushes for 1380 yds on 96 carries & 16 TDs
  • March 4, wins US-USSR meet in Richmond, VA, 60 yards in 6.0 seconds
  • May 9, 1975, matches world record with 9.0 in 100 yard dash
  • May 15, 1975 first SI feature story
  • October, races the horse (11th grade)


  • Ali buys the McTears a house, $30,000
  • Finishes 2nd in Olympic trials, but pulls a hamstring; left off the US Olympic Team


  • Summer, wins 7 of 8 races in Europe


  • Undefeated in indoor season. Houston: "I don't think I can be beat."
  • January, 1st annual Muhammad Ali Invitational; beats world-class field
  • May, AAU Championships at Madison Square Garden; breaks own world record in the 60 yard dash.



  • January 5, runs 6.38 60 meters, world record
  • Russia invades Afghanistan, olympics boycotted
  • Jimmy Carter invites Olympians to the White House. Houston doesn't go.

The Team   |   Telling "The Greatest Story Never Told"

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